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Whats Your Angle E-Book

Whats Your Angle E-Book



Author: Helen Grinnell King
Subtitle: Understanding Angulation and Structure for the Performance Dog
Length: 137 pages
Release Date: 2012

In this unique book, Helen describes a simple, step-by-step process for learning to see and understand angulation and structure for the performance dog. What's Your Angle is full of entertaining illustrations that help make the content easy to understand. The best description of the book's contents comes from Helen herself in the introduction: 

"We live in an electronic age now, and many things are done over the internet. Puppies are picked through emailed photos and websites. Stud dogs are chosen through photographs and videos, and many bitches are bred long distance with chilled or frozen semen. 

People need a way to know what they are getting when they use photos or videos to choose. It is difficult to know exactly what is going on with a dog or puppy without putting your hands on it, but with practice, people can be taught to know what to look for in photos or online. 

This book was written to help you see angles in person, on paper or on your computer screen. The more practicing you do, the better you will become at seeing angles and understanding why dogs perform the way they do. 

Together, we will take a step-by-step journey through the method I developed for learning to see angles. With my easy to follow six-step process, seeing angles in dogs will become second nature."

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