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Picking Your Performance Puppy E-Book

Picking Your Performance Puppy E-Book



Author: Helen Grinnell King
Length: 79 pages
Release Date: 2012

  • What allows some dogs to excel in dog sports while others struggle?
  • Why can some dogs turn on a dime and drive ahead with speed?
  • How do you choose the right puppy for you?

These and many more questions are explored in Picking Your Performance Puppy. This book was written to help you make educated choices when it's time for you to pick your next performance dog and to better understand the one you have now. It is filled with informative photos, drawings and illustrations as well as real time and slow motion videos to help you see how structure relates to performance.

From the introduction by Helen: "Good conformation may not only allow dogs to excel in a sport, it also can mean the difference between a long career and a short one. Structure that wins in the show ring doesn't necessarily mean the dog will excel in agility, field trials or any other sport. But it is
not just structure that plays a role in longevity in dog sports; it also depends on conditioning, nutrition and training. In order to develop the best agility dog, we need good structure, a great training program and common sense conditioning and feeding. 

Learning about our dogs' structure is very important to help us understand why they perform the way they do and to have realistic expectations of just how well they will do in competition.

Any sound dog can do agility but we need to be realistic about our goals. If I want to be on the World Team, I probably wouldn't go out and buy a Basset Hound or a large Great Dane. There is no reason these breeds can't do agility but expecting them to beat the top dogs in their jump height is a stretch. I happen to adore standard Poodles. There are some amazing standard Poodles out there in agility but expecting them to beat the very fastest Border Collies (assuming that the Border Collie runs clean and efficiently) is not realistic. We train the breed we love to the best of its ability and enjoy the ride! This book is geared towards agility but you can take the principles and apply to any sport."

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