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Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere

Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere



Author: Denise Fenzi
Format: Paperback
Length: 164 pages
Release Date: 2015

You are a dedicated dog owner who has put considerable time and energy into training your dog. As a result, your dog has a reliable set of behaviors (such as sit, down, stay) and a recall under pristine conditions. But now you’re stumped; you’re unsure how to get those behaviors away from home and off leash and without a cookie in your hand—in short; when you really need your dog's cooperation! 

Beyond the Back Yard will help you gain your dog's cooperation under a range of circumstances and with only about 10 minutes of training time each day! The book will take you through a systematic and comprehensive plan to get you where you want to be before you start canine sports training: a reliable dog who cooperates off leash, away from home and... when other things are going on around you! 

This book has been split into three parts: 

  • The first part is educational. It provides information about the theory and philosophy of training. This section will be valuable for everyone, but especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to know why you’re doing something a certain way before you do it. 
  • The second part is practical. It’s the “how-to” part of the book. Here, Denise lays out the plan you’ll be following to help your dog respond to your cues even when the world is exciting or you don’t have cookies. This portion is extremely systematic and specific. 
  • Finally, the third part is problem solving. It will help you troubleshoot any issues that arise.


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Part One: Educational

Chapter 1: How Dogs Learn

Chapter 2: What Motivates Your Dog?

Chapter 3: What Does Your Dog Know?

Chapter 4: Changing the Challenge

  • Intensity
  • Proximity
  • Duration

Chapter 5: Understanding Distractions

Part Two: Practical Matters

Chapter 6: Introducing Distractions

Chapter 7: The Lesson Plan

  • Lesson #1: Easy Distraction, Easy Behavior
  • Lesson #2: Easy Distraction, Different Behavior
  • Lesson #3: New Distraction
  • Lesson #4: Moving Dog, Stationary Distraction
  • Lesson #5: Stationary Dog, Moving Distraction
  • Lesson #6: A Little Bit Closer
  • Lesson #7: Endurance
  • Lesson #8: Uncontrolled Distraction, Controlled Dog
  • Lesson #9: Uncontrolled Distraction, Uncontrolled Dog
  • Lesson #10: Putting it All Together

Chapter 8: Changing Locations

Chapter 9: Getting Cookies Off Your Body

  • Round 1: Pocket Those Cookies!
  • Round 2: Cookies Across the Room
  • Round 3: No Visible Rewards!
  • Round 4: No Visible Cookies in the Real World
  • Round 5: Gambling for Quality of Reinforcers

Chapter 10: Reducing Cookies with Life Rewards

Chapter 11: Reducing Cookies: Show Me More

Chapter 12: When the Distractions Aren’t Food

Chapter 13: Off-Leash Reliability

Part Three: Problem Solving

Chapter 14: Oops! How to Handle Mistakes

  • Dealing with Human Error
  • Preventing Errors Outside of Formal Training

Chapter 15: When Fear Gets in the Way

Chapter 16: The Habit of Cooperation

Chapter 17: If You Want to do More