01/2006—January 2006 Digital Edition

01/2006—January 2006 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: top agility handlers give tips on how to play and prepare for competing at national events, in the first article of a multiple-part series Linda Mecklenburg discusses developing jumping skills, Dr. Douglas Knueven concludes his series on the five supplements that every dog needs, Nancy Gyes explains how to achieve rock-solid stays anytime and anywhere, some ideas for winter agility training, on course with junior handlers, Amanda Nelson explains how she uses gates to teach "Out" and "Here" as well as obstacle discrimination, Sallie Sports Vet looks at the new dog flu, a review of the book Competing in Agility, Nancy Gyes continues her alphabet drills series and explains how to use letter "K" drills to teach you dog to travel straight ahead of you, Debbie Saunders talks about stretching and strengthening the cervical spine, and much more. 92 pages.


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