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Clean Run Gift Subscription - ALL-ACCESS

Clean Run Gift Subscription - ALL-ACCESS


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Published by agility competitors, Clean Run has been keeping dog agility handlers and instructors informed about our sport and ways to improve our training and handling since 1995, and remains the trusted training resource for agility enthusiasts everywhere. If someone in your life is as addicted to this sport as we are, Clean Run can help them take their handling and dog training skills to a whole new level.

With our ALL-ACCESS option, the recipient will get the best of both worlds: our monthly high-quality, full-color publication delivered to their mailbox each month AND our monthly digital edition, which contains the same great content as our print magazine but is optimized and readable on all devices big and small. 

  • If the recipient is already a subscriber, 12 issues will be added to their existing subscription.
  • If the recipient is a new subscriber, they will be added to the next possible mailing of the magazine (the specific issue will be referenced in your purchase confirmation email).

We will send the recipient a card; if you wish to include a personalized message, please enter that information in the gift message box that appears during check out. 

Clean Run is published 12 times a year.

When you purchase a subscription, we will add the recipient to the next possible mailing of the magazine. 

Please be aware that Clean Run is on a different mailing schedule than many other publications. Rather than mailing at the beginning of the month prior to the cover date (e.g., the first week of January for the February issue), we mail on the 20th of each month (e.g., January 20th for the February issue). This means you will not receive your magazines weeks in advance of the cover date. The print magazine is mailed from New Hampshire via periodicals mail which can take 7-14 business days depending on where you live. For addresses in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, part of the delivery takes place via mail boat and can take four weeks or more. Delivery times vary to different zip codes even within the same city. If your magazine does not arrive by the 15th of the month, please contact customer service

You will receive an email within 4 business days with instructions on how the digital portion of the subscription works and how notifications are sent when issues are ready to be read. Generally digital editions will be available 7-8 days prior to the issue cover date; for example, May 22 for the June issue. You will be notified via email when each issue becomes available. 

If you would like the current issue or past issues, those can be purchased individually from the Past Issues section of the website: click here.