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Tuf-Foot for Dogs

Tuf-Foot for Dogs


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Foot conditioning is important wherever footwork is required. Whether your dog is running agility on dry grass, assisting in the hunt, pulling a sled, searching through rubble, or just playing in the yard, Tuf-Foot will keep his sensitive paws and pads in excellent condition. Tuf-Foot is guaranteed to toughen and protect your dog's soft, tender paws and pads so you can prevent cracking and bleeding. Tuf-Foot also aids in the healing of sore paws and pads, cut or torn pads, cracked pads, and bruised pads, often having remarkable results within a few days. 

Made from a combination of herbs and balsams that aboriginal tribes used on their feet to withstand injury in the harsh outback, Tuf-Foot has been recommended by veterinarians and trainers for more than 70 years. Owners of hunting and mushing dogs praise the product for it's effectiveness on their dog's paws and pads, and even on their own skin—Tuf-Foot is equally effective and safe to use on humans! 

Simply apply Tuf-Foot to your dog's foot and allow to dry (approx. 10 seconds): 

  • To condition and toughen pads, use twice a day for 1 week and then once a day for 1 week. To maintain condition, apply 2 times per week.
  • To heal torn, cut, cracked, blistered, or irritated paws, apply daily until healed.

Packaging: 8 fl. oz. plastic pump spray bottle.

Dr. Andrew Bonn originally compounded Tuf-Foot in 1935 from nature's own healing balsams. It contains no harmful chemicals, which tend to make the foot hard and dry. Tuf-Foot conditions the foot by toughening the tissues and it also aids in protecting feet against bruises, blisters, and soreness. Following are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Does Tuf-Foot stain?
Yes, try not to spill it on fabrics. Due to the ingredients that give Tuf-Foot its rich amber color the product will stain fabrics. However, Tuf-Foot dries within 10 seconds and will not stain once it's dry.

How do I apply Tuf-Foot?
For humans and dogs, a common procedure is to apply the product to a cotton ball and swab it on the desired area.

Will Tuf-Foot hurt my animal if he licks his feet?
No, Tuf-Foot will not produce injury if it gets in the mouth. The quick drying formula dissipates quickly and any remaining residue is innocuous. If a large quantity were directly ingested then you should seek medical attention immediately.

What does Tuf-Foot do?
Tuf-Foot works by toughening skin tissue. This is accomplished by the unique blend of ingredients in our formula. It is actually based on herbs and balsams that aboriginal tribes used on their feet to withstand injury in the harsh outback.

How should I use Tuf-Foot for dogs?
You can use Tuf-Foot to aid in healing torn, cut, or irritated paws. You can also use Tuf-Foot to prepare your dogs paws for special occasions. Use the product daily for up to a week prior to the event you are preparing for. Afterwards, apply it twice a week to maintain the foot.

"For the last two years I have been training a Shepherd for urban search and rescue... within two weeks of using your product she didn't have a crack left in her paws and has not cut her feet since."  —Janet from Auburn, WA

"I want you to know how much I've come to rely on Tuf-Foot for keeping my bird dog's pads and tails in good shape. There is nothing like it when it comes to toughening up a dog’s feet prior to and during the hunting season. It's the only remedy I use for cut and briar wounds and to treat those bloody tails on my English Setters."  —Jim from Bowman, GA