Use non-skid feet when using KLIMB with no legs Set of 4 non-skid feet installed

KLIMB Non-Skid Feet - Set of 4

KLIMB Non-Skid Feet - Set of 4




Using the KLIMB without the legs installed is a great way to introduce your dog to the platform and also to work with very small dogs or young puppies. However, if you're planning to use the KLIMB without the legs on a hard and slippery surface such as tile or concrete, it's a good idea to use these optional Non-Skid Feet for increased safety. They screw into the leg holes of the KLIMB in place of the legs that come with the platform. When the Non-Skid Feet are installed, the KLIMB will not slide, ensuring a solid surface for your dog to jump on and off of.

With a very small dog or young puppy, we also recommend using KLIMB Safety Plugs in this configuration so that small legs don’t slip or get caught in the four corner holes on the top of the platform.

Packaging: Comes in sets of 4 non-skid feet.