07/2016 - July 2016 Digital Edition

07/2016 - July 2016 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Mary Ellen Barry demonstrates the OneMind Dogs front cross technique uses when the handler is moving past the plane of the jump and the dog has a perpendicular or slight slice approach, Terry Long uses the model of the three-legged stool to help us understand how to balance and integrate the most critical elements of a successful behavior modification program, Sandy Rogers explains how you can protect your training "investments," Kathy Lofthouse talks about the importance of dialing in on the same wavelength as your dog, Kristy Netzer continues her series on how to train legendary lead-outs, Frankie Joiris and Chris Ott teach the puppy simple handling skills around a cone, Nancy Gyes shares drills that require getting your dog to a jump positioned between two straight tunnels, Tori Self considers the benefits and drawbacks of handling systems, Cindy Deak looks at how CPE, USDAA, and ASCAA calculate standard course times, veterinarians discuss returning to agility after an Achilles tendon injury, and more! 68 pages.


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