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TugAway Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball

TugAway Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball




The Tugaway Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball is especially fun for dogs to chase and tug with! The combination of a squeaky tennis ball (either a Kong AirDog ball or a Tuff Ball) with either a real fur tail (raccoon or coyote) makes for lots of squeaky and scent-filled fun.

The fur tail varies in length from 5" to 8" long and the regular sized tennis ball is 2.5" in diameter. A section of 3/8" nylon is sewn through the middle of the tail to make it stronger.

Handmade in Wisconsin (ball is not made in the USA). Assorted tail fur (raccoon or coyote), ball color, and nylon color combinations; please allow us to choose for you.