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DOGGO Parcours Waterproof Shoes

DOGGO Parcours Waterproof Shoes


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DOGGO is a German company that has been making shoes in the the fashion sector for over 25 years. After the principals of the company added a dog to their family—a Labrador Retriever that loved nature—not only did they realize what "really matters in life," they realized that they needed to go out with Bruno even if it was storming outside! So that was their inspiration for creating the DOGGO line of practical, waterproof shoes for people who walk, play, run, and do performance sports with their dogs. They understand that dog lovers spend a lot of time outside with their dogs and need a shoe that keeps their feet warm and dry, and that also helps keep their feet from tiring. DOGGO is committed to creating shoes that fulfill this goal plus use innovative materials, new sole designs, and modern colors.

The DOGGO Parcours is a waterproof shoe that's designed specifically for agility, whether you are running indoors on turf or outdoors on grass or dirt. There is extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot for comfort, and an extra layer of lateral reinforcement all the way around the shoe provides excellent side support to help prevent your foot from twisting when you're making quick changes of direction.

The shoe is super comfortable to wear and feels supportive if you have foot problems. It is a unisex shoe with a generous toe box if you have wider feet. The weight of the shoes varies depending on size, but we weighed a EUR 40 (US 9/9.5) and it was 13.1 oz.

  • Continuous waterproof membrane provides weatherproof, breathable comfort
  • Quick lacing system and lace storage pocket
  • Studded trail-type outsole profile for excellent grip on artificial turf, grass, and dirt; provides better grip than other shoes on soft, wet, or loosely packed surfaces
  • Ergonomically shaped sole optimally supports the natural motion of the foot
  • Mesh and PU upper
  • Extra cushioning and padding for the forefoot and heel
  • Removable insole
  • Stitched tongue so that it doesn't slide back and forth
  • Reinforced toe box

What size shoe do you need? Please note that the DOGGO Parcours is sold in European sizes. We have found that they run true to size; click on the Sizing tab above for a sizing conversion chart.

These shoes are manufactured in European sizes. We have included conversion charts below to help you select a pair of shoes, but please note that these are only guidelines. Manufacturers use different "lasts" to make their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly. In trying on the shoes ourselves, we have found that they run true to size.

If you are not sure what size shoe to buy, try measuring your foot. Get an 8.5" x 11" sheet of blank paper and put it down on a hard, smooth floor (or a piece of cardboard on a rug). Make sure you are wearing the socks you would typically wear with your new shoes. While standing, put one foot on the paper and trace an outline of your foot, following the contour as closely as possible. When you're done, measure the tracing from the heel to the end of your longest toe—this is your foot length in inches which you can find in the table below to help you choose a size.

Women's Size Conversions

Women's Sizes
EUR Sizes Foot Length Inches
5 35-36 8.5"
5.5 36 8.75"
6 36-37 8.875"
6.5 37 9.0625"
7 37-38 9.25"
7.5 38 9.375"
8 38-39 9.5"
8.5 39 9.6875"
9 39-40 9.875"
9.5 40 10"
10 40-41 10.1875"
10.5 41 10.3125"
11 41-42 10.5"
11.5 42 10.6875"
12 42-43 10.875"


Men's Size Conversions

Men's Sizes
EUR Sizes Foot Length Inches
6 39 9.25"
6.5 39 9.5"
7 40 9.625"
7.5 40-41 9.75"
8 41 9.9375"
8.5 41-42 10.125"
9 42 10.25"
9.5 42-43 10.4375"
10 43 10.5625"
10.5 43-44 10.75"
11 44 10.5"
11.5 44-45 10.9375"
12 45 11.125"
13 46 11.25


Trying On Your New Shoes

Please use common sense when trying on the shoes to check for proper fit; wear socks and wear the shoes only indoors. Here are some things to consider to make sure you have selected the proper size:

  • Feet can change shape and size during the day and under different conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you try on your new shoes when your feet are their largest, at the end of the day or after exercise.
  • When shoes contact the ground during walking or running, your feet get longer. You need to allow approximately 3/8" to 1/2" between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Be sure to wear the socks that you plan on wearing when you are using your new shoes.

If the Shoes Don't Fit

If you are not happy with the shoes or the shoes do not fit, we will happily accept a return or exchange within 30 days after purchase. The shoes must be in as-new condition and in the original box.

For complete instructions on how to make a return or exchange, see our Return & Replacement Policy. If you live in the U.S. and you are exchanging the shoes for a different style or size, Clean Run will ship you a replacement pair of shoes free of charge. The customer is responsible for postage to return the original pair of shoes to Clean Run.