Cheeky Strips - USA Beef, 1 lb.

Cheeky Strips - USA Beef, 1 lb.



Cheeky Strips are a chew made from soft, thick, and easily digestible cow cheeks. They are the strips that are trimmed off during the process of making our Cheeky Rolls. Cheeky Strips are much easier to digest than rawhide. They come apart in small pieces that the dog chews up rather than coming apart in chunks that the dog can swallow whole. 

Cheeky Strips are baked until dry and do not contain any preservatives or flavoring. They range in size, from 4" to 6" in length and 1" to 3" in width.

Made from USA free-range cattle cheeks processed in a facility in Mexico. 

Packaging: Cheeky Chips are sold in a 1 lb. bag so quantity can vary. The average is 15-16 strips per bag.

Ingredients: Beef cheek

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 81.2% min
Crude Fat 3.3% min
Crude Fiber 0.7% max
Moisture 12.8% max
Ash 1.9% max