Dog Sports Skills, Book 4: Focus and Engage!

Dog Sports Skills, Book 4: Focus and Engage!



Authors: Denise Fenzi and Deborah Jones, Ph.D.
Format: Paperback, 8.5" x 11"
Length: 224 pages
Release Date: 2016

Struggling to keep and maintain your dog's attention during training or competition? Sure that your dog knows all of the work, if only he would focus and stay engaged? 

In Dog Sports Skills, Book 4, authors Denise Fenzi and Deb Jones turn their attention to the topics of focus and engagement. This book is a fantastic addition which is sure to broaden your understanding of a crucial element of training performance dogs. 

In the first several chapters, Fenzi and Jones take a hard look at the factors that create focus challenges in our performance dogs, and then systematically offer solutions for addressing them. The next several chapters provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog to focus, covering a focus "foundation," adding behaviors, duration and movement, and finally distractions and other challenges are addressed. The topic of focus is then wrapped up with a series of focus games which are designed to be light, entertaining for all parties, all while assisting in the more serious business of getting your dog focused! 

The second part of the book focuses on understanding and developing trained engagement; the process of teaching one's dog to push for a chance to work, and to value that training time above all else! Engagement training is broken down into steps, and is laid out in a logical and methodical fashion over several chapters. Handling disengagement is addressed, as is the process of moving away from classic food and toy reinforcers and into the competition arena, where strong engagement is vital to success.

Between focus and engagement training, struggling competitors are likely to find the missing piece between training at home with cookies and trialing in the challenging competition setting.

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Focus Analysis Overview
Chapter 3: Focus Analysis: Stress, Anxiety, and Fear
Chapter 4: Focus Analysis: Curiosity
Chapter 5: Focus Analysis: Poor Training
Chapter 6: Focus Analysis: Temperament
Chapter 7: Making Sense of Your Focus Analysis Results
Chapter 8: Selecting and Acclimating to Working Environments
Chapter 9: Responding to Failure
Chapter 10: The Focus Foundation
Chapter 11: Adding Behaviors
Chapter 12: Adding Duration and Movement
Chapter 13: Distractions and Other Challenges
Chapter 14: Let the Games Begin!
Chapter 15: What Is Engagement?
Chapter 16: What Does an Engaged Dog Look Like?
Chapter 17: The Human Half of Engagement
Chapter 18: Can Engagement Really Be Trained?
Chapter 19: The Stages of Engagement
Chapter 20: Handling Disengagement
Chapter 21: Advanced Acclimation
Chapter 22: Engagement for Competition
Chapter 23: Wrapping Up and Moving On