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01/2017 - January 2017 Printed Magazine

01/2017 - January 2017 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Jo Sermon begins a series on training her new agility puppy in a multi-dog household, Nancy Gyes continues her series on the trials and tribulations of a novice dog, Sandy Rogers explains how to determine where you need to be to handle a sequence using the four quadrants, Kathy Keats discusses the concept of creating more time on course so that you can be proactive rather than reactive, Lynne Stephens looks at foundation training in a different way, Nini Bloch concludes her series on early agility training, Mary Ellen Barry helps you combine multiple OneMind Dogs techniques on a short sequence, Kristy Netzer breaks down strategies for real-life long lead-outs, Deborah Stevenson talks about training her French Bulldog Soren, a set of do-it-yourself plans for building a measuring device, Drs. David Dycus and Debra Canapp look at comman paw problems seen in performance dogs, courses for a small world, and more! 68 pages.