Double Handle Bungee Tug - Solid Colors

Double Handle Bungee Tug - Solid Colors


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The Double Handle Bungee Tug is a great tug toy when you want something that you can fold up in your hand easily so that the presence of the toy isn't as obvious to the dog, or when you want a toy that you can easily hide away in a pocket. The extra handle gives you the flexibility of one-handed or two-handed tugging. And you won't believe how soft this special nylon is on your hands!

The "bungee" portion of this toy is made from 1"-wide super-soft nylon covering a piece of flat shock cord. It is designed to act as a shock absorber between you and the dog so there's less stress on your body while tugging, and to provide exciting resistance to the dog without you actually having to pull hard on the toy. The tension is just right for this purpose; you don't need to worry about the toy flying back at you or the dog.

The total length of the toy from the end of one handle to the end of the other handle is 22". The bite area of the tug is 7" long and stretches to a maximum of 18".

But this isn't just a tug toy. It's also a Bungee Handle that you can use to make your own toys! Simply loop one handle of the tug through a toy (a ring, a Hol-ee Roller Ball, or anything else the nylon webbing can be pulled through) and then loop it through the other handle. You now have a 22"-long bungee handle for your toy!

The Double Handle Bungee Tug comes in assorted primary colors; please allow us to choose the color for you.

Not only is this toy is made in the USA, all of the materials are USA made!