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02/2017 - February 2017 Printed Magazine

02/2017 - February 2017 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Sarah Owings helps us rethink how we teach stimulus control right from the beginning; Jo Sermon continues her series on training her new agility puppy in a multi-dog household and looks at using "pet" names in different ways, socialization, and rewarding interaction with you; in her series on the trials and tribulations of a novice dog, Nancy Gyes discusses creating a to-do list for training after a trial as well as developing good plans for handling successes and failures before you walk into the ring; Sandy Rogers explains how to place your front crosses strategically so that your dog will understand where he is going next just by where you start your front cross; Susan Gillis Kruman shares warm-up activities for handlers that are not strenuous and are very easy to do; Tori Self examines the risk of stagnation in our sport; Kat Fahle explains UpDog Challenge and how it can help increase your agility dog's motivation; Kathy Keats discusses the three secrets of connecting with your dog Mary Ellen Barry helps you combine multiple OneMind Dogs techniques on a short sequence; Kristy Netzer breaks down strategies for real-life long lead-outs; Bud Houston gives us a look at the National Dog Agility League; Nancy Gyes explains how to use a start box to help your stays; and more! 68 pages.