Silicone stopper Accessory loop

Ruffwear Just-a-Cinch Slip Lead - Blue Spring

Ruffwear Just-a-Cinch Slip Lead - Blue Spring




The Ruffwear Just-a-Cinch is a rugged, climbing-inspired, utilitarian slip lead. Just adjust the silicone stopper to make a "collar" the appropriate size for your dog and to keep the collar in place. This slip lead features a comfortable, easy-to-hold, tubular-webbing handle and is made from strong, supple polypropylene kernmantle rope.

A convenient accessory loop at the bottom of the handle holds pick-up bags or small clip-on items, and reflective strands woven into the rope keeps people and dogs visible in low-light conditions.

The Ruffwear Just-a-Cinch Slip lead is great for spontaneous walks, training sessions, road trips, and agility trials. This slip lead is 5' long and the rope is 11mm (.43") in diameter.

This lead is acceptable under AKC agility rules.