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Monkey Mat - Quilted 5 ft. x 5 ft.

Monkey Mat - Quilted 5 ft. x 5 ft.




The Monkey Mat is a clean, portable "floor" you can take everywhere! 

This 5' x 5' comfy, cushioned mat is made of ripstop nylon. It has a waterproof bottom and a water repellant top. It's perfect for use indoors or outdoors: under your crates or an ex-pen at agility trials, picnics, concerts, beach, travel, sporting events, outdoor festivals, kids, and more! 

The Monkey Mat is lightweight (only 18 oz.) and fits in a 10" x 10" zippered pouch. The pouch is actually attached to the mat so that you can't lose track of it. And there's a buckle attachment for the pouch so you can easily latch your folded up Monkey Mat onto a bag, backpack, crate, etc.

There are sewn-in corner weights to keep the Monkey Mat from blowing away in the wind as well as corner loops which you can use to stake down the mat (stakes sold separately) or tie multiple Monkey Mats together for an even bigger clean floor.

In the center of the mat there are loops to which you can attach keys or other items that you need to keep track of.

Machine washable.