Wholesome Hide USA Retriever Roll - Super Thick, 9-10 in.

Wholesome Hide USA Retriever Roll - Super Thick, 9-10 in.



What exactly is rawhide? Rawhide is the inner layer of the hide of any hoofed animal. The tough outer layer is used for leather shoes, garments and upholstery, while the softer, inner layer is cut and formed into different shapes for dog chews. Rawhide is high in protein, low in fat, and has fewer calories per ounce than a typical dog biscuit. 

What's different about Wholesome Hide Retriever Rolls? 

  • Wholesome Hide makes these rawhide chews in Chicago, from beef cows raised here in the United States. USA beef hide is typically thicker and longer lasting than imported hides.
  • Wholesome Hide uses only fresh REFRIGERATED hides that have never been treated with chemicals or tanning agents. Because they are fresh, there's also no need for insecticides, pesticides, or cleaning agents to kill off bad bugs you might find in decomposing rawhide. They do use a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide that gasses off in processing. 
  • Wholesome Hide has no need for chemicals to whiten, brighten, or stiffen their products; they are minimally processed and have naturally occurring variances in color and texture.
  • Wholesome Hide rolls are safer for your dog because they are made from a single, long sheet of rawhide rather than a smaller sheet that has been wrapped around bits and fragments of rawhide the dog can get out and swallow whole. 
  • Wholesome Hide’s owner and his family supervise the operation at all times. They’ve been making rawhide dog chews for more than 20 years with no recalls. Ever.
  • Wholesome Hide has Willow. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and is the plant’s final quality control inspector. Wholesome Hide wouldn’t think of manufacturing something that would make their own family dog sick, and they wouldn’t do it to customers’ dogs, either.

We learned about these chews from an article in The Whole Dog Journal and they are much nicer and longer lasting than any other rawhide chews we've found.

The Super Thick Retriever Roll is 9" to 10" long and 2" in diameter. It's a super long-lasting chew.

Made in the USA.

Packaging: Sold individually.