Bungee Dynamite Tug - Tie Dye

Bungee Dynamite Tug - Tie Dye


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Unlike other tug sticks that tend to be either too hard or too soft, the firmness of the Dynamite Stick is just right—dogs love to bite it and tug with it.

The Dynamite Stick is made from heavy-duty tubular nylon webbing that is stuffed with fleece and wool fabric scraps rather than polyfill for durability and to create that perfect density of bite-ability—not too soft and not too firm. The exterior covering of the Dynamite Stick is much more durable than other soft tugging sticks we've tested. We've also triple stitched the handle to the bite bar for strength.

The bite area of the Bungee Dynamite Stick is 10" long and 1.25" in diameter. The flexible bungee handle is made from 1" webbing and is 13" long in a relaxed state.

The bite area is made from a tie dye pattern webbing. The nylon handles come in red and orange; please allow us to choose.


Machine washable on gentle cycle; line dry.