Better Band Adjustable Stretch Bands - 19 in., 2-pack

Better Band Adjustable Stretch Bands - 19 in., 2-pack




The endlessly useful Better Band is made from stretchy, durable, UV-resistant, waterproof TPU material and features a KnotBone Cord Lock for quick size adjustments. With its thin, flat shape and grippy material that is easy to clean and endlessly reusable, the Better Band can do everything a rubber band does, but better!

The Better Band comes in a variety of sizes that can be customized even further by sliding the Knotbone Cord Lock into position. Unlike spring-activated cord locks, the KnotBone has no moving parts that can slip, jam, or rust. Its simple design allows you to secure the Better Band at the exact length and tension you need, and keeps it absolutely locked in place until you release it. It's not just the Better Band, it's the best!

BetterBands stretch to 2x their length!

The 19" size is perfect for organizing, bundling, and wrapping large items.

Packaging: Better Bands come in a 2-pack.