Ruff Dawg Twig - Crunch

Ruff Dawg Twig - Crunch


Stick and Twig


Get all the fetching fun of the real thing—splinter free—with some extra Crunch! Rugged and durable, just like original Twig, but with a special lining that gives this toy a crunchy sound and feel; similar to a water bottle, but squishier and not as noisy.

The Ruff Dawg Twig is perfect for retrieving games on land or in the water (it floats), games of keep-away. String it on a rope for added fun and longer throws.

All Ruff Dawg toys are

  • 100% made-safe in the USA
  • All FDA-approved materials
  • Free of phalates, latex, and BPAs
  • Recyclable

The Twig is 6" long and 7/8" diameter.

Assorted color combinations; please allow us to choose for you

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