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Countertop Poop Bag Dispenser

Countertop Poop Bag Dispenser




The next time nature calls your four-legged family member, don’t go out empty handed; be prepared and grab an eco-friendly poop bag from this convenient pop-up countertop dispenser. Made for all dog-friendly homes, this one-of-a-kind dispenser keeps bags neat and readily available at a moment’s notice, while eliminating the need to reach for grocery bags or your swinging leash accessory. And, the whimsical graphics are fun for all ages of dog owners.

With a top that lifts for ease in refilling, the countertop canister comes prefilled with 75 large (9" x 13"), eco-friendly, imprinted bags. When one bag is dispensed from the canister’s top, a new one pops up, ready to grab and go.

The canister is 9" tall by 3″ wide and is made of heavy-weight cardboard,