12/2017 - December 2017 Digital Edition

12/2017 - December 2017 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Eileen Anderson discusses three life lessons she learned from training dogs; Sandy Rogers explains the terminology and concepts regarding serpentines and serpentine handling; Stacy Winkler provides agility skills tests so that you make sure your training is in balance; Sarah Stremming examines the unseen skills that successful competitors understand, but that are left out of foundation classes; Jo Sermon continues her series on training her new agility puppy in a multi-dog household; Nancy Gyes shares a setup inspired by a course with two tunnels in close proximity to either end of the weave poles; Bobbie Lyons explains how to add surface training to your puppy's training program; Kristy Netzer looks at distance handling possibilities on an AKC Excellent/Master Jumpers with Weaves course; David Bozak shares another theme course; construction plans for an adjustable teeter; and more! 68 pages.

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