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02/2018 - February 2018 Printed Magazine

02/2018 - February 2018 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: How brain games can help your performance dog; Anne Stocum begins a series on how to build a reward system for effective dog training; Brenna Fender discusses what to do at the start line when things go wrong before you even run; Stacy Winkler presents her second article on teaching your dog to take jumps at a distance; Sandy Rogers discusses the seven turning cues in agility; Susan Salo explains how to use targets in jump training; Melanie Miller begins a series on managing your training time; Greg Derrett discusses the Global Judging Program; Jo Sermon works with her three youngsters on target training and introducing tunnels; Nancy Gyes offers up star-pattern drills to work on push-to-the-back challenges, threadles, and more; John Reid and Rebecca Thrift introduce their new series, "The 25% Solution for Fine Tuning Teamwork," which offers drills that fit in a 60 x 40 foot training space; Mia Grant introduces her new series, "Plan for Action," which looks at setting specific goals for training each month; Linda Mizrahi gives us a look at her practice group Agility After Dark; Bobbie Lyons explains how to teach front-foot targeting which is a behavior used in many performance- and fitness-related skills; and more! 68 pages.