Touch It Electronic Nose Touch Trainer

Touch It Electronic Nose Touch Trainer


Order with or without battery pack

$94.95 - $124.95

The Touch It Electronic Nose Touch Trainer is designed to be used with the 2-on/2-off contact training method. No longer do trainers have to depend on their ability to click the dog's nose touch at the appropriate moment, the Touch It does it for you! The Touch It emits a beep when the dog's nose touches it even it lightly, so you'll never miss reinforcing a nose touch again.

There are two parts to the Touch It Electronic Nose Touch Trainer: the Touch It pad (an aluminum disc that is 2-3/8" in diameter) and an audible battery pack (3"W x 6"L x 2-1/8"H). The battery pack is powered by a 9-volt battery (not included). The Touch It pad uses the same audible battery pack as the Hit It Board, so if you own a Hit It Board you can purchase just the Touch It pad and use your existing battery pack.

The Touch It works with the optional Hit It Light if you want to wean your dog from an audible sound.

Is there a warranty?
Assuming the pad hasn't been abused, the manufacturer will make whatever repairs necessary (including replacing the pad with a new one without expense to the customer), for 30 days from the date of receipt. After that, requests for repairs will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Will the Touch It work on any training surface?
You can use the Touch It on any surface. It does not have to lie perfectly flat in order to work. The Touch It has been tested on turf, rubber matting, sand, carpet, wood shavings, and grass. As with any electronic product, you want to keep it as clean and dry as possible since grit or moisture can compromise the unit. If you're working in an area with wood shavings, for example, the manufacturer suggests that you wrap the pad in plastic wrap to protect it. Just be sure not to put the plastic wrap on too tightly; you don't want it to put so much pressure on the top of the pad that it goes off. Also be sure that the ends of the plastic wrap are on the bottom of the pad. If necessary, golf tees can be used to anchor the pad when working on grass, dirt, or sand. Nonskid pads are included for use on indoor surfaces such as matting or wood.

How do I train my dog to use the Touch It?
It's important to train your dog to do a nose touch to the pad on the ground before you try using the Touch It on the contact obstacles. Train the dog to target the Touch It just as you would train him to target a piece of plexiglas, and then move the behavior to the contact obstacles.