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Woolly Wavy Octopus Chaser

Woolly Wavy Octopus Chaser


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The Woolly Wavy Octopus Chaser is made from soft and fluffy, thick, natural, high-pile U.S.A. sheepskin and the handle is made out of nylon. This is a great toy for teasing and enticing puppies and harder to motivate dogs to play. Drag it on the ground and wave it around so the tentacles will flip and flop, getting and sustaining your dog's attention. The tentacles allow a young dog or a dog just starting to learn to tug to easily grab onto the toy and he can give it a satisfying shake when he captures it.

The octopus head is approximately 4" in diameter; the tentacles are 9.5" to 11" in length; and the leather handle strap is 22" long. Overall toy length is approximately 34" long from the end of the soft leather handle to the tips of the tentacles.

Note: This toy is not intended for tough tuggers, but rather young dogs, small dogs, and dogs that need to be encouraged to tug.