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Magazine Ad Payment


Run your ad 3+, save 10%, Run your ad 12+, save 20%
NOT eligible for discounts or coupon promotions
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When purchasing an ad in Clean Run magazine, please review all of the information regarding our Advertising Rates & Specs before you submit your ad. If you want information about the availability of the inside covers or other special placement, or if you have other questions write to ads@cleanrun.com.

  • Is Your Ad Camera-ready? There is a $30 setup charge if your ad does not meet the requirements for a camera-ready ad. If you are not sure, check our Advertising Rates & Specs before proceeding.
  • Month to Run Ad: For one-time ads, select the month to run the ad from the menu on the right. For ads that you want to run in multiple issues, select the first month for the ad to run from the menu.
  • Name of Ad: In the box on the right, include a short name for your ad for reference when we communicate and to ensure that your ad payment is applied to the correct advertisement; for example, Fido MACH Ad or Harris Congratulations Ad.