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Chase N Pull Dog Toy

Chase N Pull Dog Toy




Designed for dog-person interaction, the Chase N Pull dog toy allows a range of exercise and play, from mild chasing to jumping, catching, and pulling. The Chase N Pull features a 32" flexible handle—specially designed to allow quick action and control—and an extra strong 36" long solid braid rope. A soft and durable safety bumper protects the dog's eyes and teeth.

This dog toy is extremely sturdy; it's currently in use at Wildlife on E-Z Street in Tampa, Florida with their endangered cats (lions and leopards).

The detachable toy on the end is made of thick faux sheepskin and comes in assorted colors (please allow us choose). It has a sewn-in reinforced squeaker and is machine washable. Replacement ends for the Chase N Pull are available separately.

"This toy is AWESOME. It is a wonderful way to elicit and encourage prey drive, and is perfect for 'off switch' games where the dog is trained to get amped up to a certain level and then calm down before resuming play. The Chase N Pull is perfect for dogs who need their prey drive encouraged for sports training as well as for dogs who need to learn how to think through that drive and control themselves—it is just a great toy no matter what type of dog. All of my dogs are crazy for the Chase N Pull. It is fun to see their prey behaviors come out. My Tervuren and Border Collie love to run in wide circles with it, whereas my JRT-mix is thrilled to track it in tall grass as I move it in a straight line. I think it has become everyone's favorite. I didn't think anything would trump Frisbees for my pack. "  —Leslie McDevitt, author of Control Unleashed

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