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To make using easier
This clicker helps people that think they can’t manage a clicker. Two things to make it more useable. Buy a few sizes larger so it fits on your index finger. When you click don’t have the sound vents covered by your fingers. That’s why some people think the click sounds low. The sound volume is sufficient
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cool concept, too quiet
I really liked the easier maneuvering of this clicker--easier to juggle, but the "click" is not sharp, and my dog barely notices it, compared to the teardrop-shaped clickers. If this is a dogs first exposure to a clicker it might be okay. Also, pricey.
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Lived up to all my expectations
I absolutely love this ring. I'm a clicker trainer who basically never uses a clicker because voice is easier and I only have 2 hands and not much coordination. This thing actually makes me train more! By using it on my thumb or index finger I can hold and dispense treats in the same hand as the clicker without dropping either. It's a good volume, easy to press, and comfortable. I hesitated buying it because of the price, but now that I've used it I think it's worth it - especially if you're like me and regular clickers (even with a wrist strap) make you wish for that third hand.
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Lame clicky
This is a useful little option, but comes with a pretty dull click and a hefty price tag. It doesn't free your hand quite as much as you'd think because of the bulk, but it does stay with your hand if you fumble. At lower cost I would say totally worth playing with it; at this price, I'm disappointed.
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Exactly what I needed
Fits great and is very comfortable - the bottom split part is silicone. Perfect clicking sound - no problem with the volume. I am getting my new puppy in 2 months. I have adhd and I'm always looking for ways to streamline training. I will also get some wrist clickers and attach them to a lanyard around my neck, so I have a necklace version too. Less things to keep track of!
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NOT loud enough
I agree with NOT loud enough
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