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01/2008 - January 2008 Digital Edition

01/2008 - January 2008 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Susan Salo explains the importance of balance at the start line, in a new series on foundation fundamentals Mary Ellen Barry helps you work on your dog's impulse control around distractions, Rachel Sanders shows you how to speed up your two-on/two-off contact performances, Webb Anderson explains how to plan your training time so that you and your dog can perform at your peak at important events during the year, Jane Killion starts a new monthly series on training dogs that are not predisposed to working with you, Rick Parry shares training challenges with the chute, a group of trainers offers suggestions to other instructors about how to balance running your own dogs with making time to help you students at trials, Nancy Gyes starts 180 and 270 work with her now 1-year-old pup, Debbie Saunders starts an exercise of the month series with a look at Get on the Ball basics, Deb Jones discusses making agility training and trialing fun for your dog in her new "Focus" series, and much more! 84 pages.

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