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2x2 Weave Poles, 24 in. Spacing - Set of 06

2x2 Weave Poles, 24 in. Spacing - Set of 06


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To use Susan Garrett's 2x2 weave pole training method, you need a minimum of 3 sets of 2x2 weave poles, for a total of 6 poles. As recommended by Susan, these 2x2 bases have holes in them so that they can be staked to the ground and they have "tails" on the ends so that you can easily line them up. These 2x2 bases made by Max 200 meet all those requirements plus they are built to last. 


  • Bases have holes for staking and "tails" on the ends so that you can easily line them up.
  • Bases can be fastened together with a special connector bracket to create competition pole sets. 
  • Bases are made from 3/16" thick  by 3" wide steel.
  • Bases are painted using a powder-coating process.
  • Middle section of each base has a sand coating applied to keep dogs from slipping if they step on the base.
  • Pole spacing is 24" (measured center to center).
  • Poles are made from furniture-grade PVC and are 1.125" in diameter and 40" long.
  • Your choice of tapeless striped poles (the color striping is infused into the PVC during the manufacturing process) or solid color PVC poles. You may choose a second color if you want contrasting poles.  

Packaging: You will get 3 bases and 6 poles for the price shown.

Important Shipping Notes: 2x2 Weave Poles are shipped directly from the manufacturer in New York. U.S. Orders will be shipped via UPS Ground and Canadian orders will be shipped via UPS Standard service. This item cannot be expedited or shipped by other carriers, and it cannot be shipped overseas. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery in the U.S. and 5-6 weeks for Canadian orders. Please also note that this item is excluded from any storewide free shipping offers.

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poles break
Great for training fast and accurate weave poles! I've had 3 of the poles break. The inside of the pole is reamed to fit over the larger metal base causing a weaker area. My 42 pound border collie has had 3 poles break just above where the pole fits over the base.
Comment from Clean Run Thank you for your purchase. We're sorry you had a problem. A dog that weaves with a style where he really pushes forward on the poles with his shoulders can break a pole now and then, but it's not a common occurance. I understand from customer service that the first time this happened was 2 or 3 years after you purchased the set, and that your equipment is outside all of the time. Even though UV-resistant PVC is used for the poles, it can weaken over time. There is a 1-year warranty.
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