2x2 Complete Weave Pole Training Setup, 22 in. Spacing - 12 Poles

2x2 Complete Weave Pole Training Setup, 22 in. Spacing - 12 Poles


3 pairs of 2x2s Set of 6 competition poles Solid Color Weave Poles Tapeless Weave Poles

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With this bundle, you get:

  • 3 pairs of 2x2 weave poles
  • 1 set of 6 competition weave poles
  • 2 connectors for the 2x2s so you can make a rigid set of 4 poles or 6 poles

To use Susan Garrett's 2x2 weave pole training method, you need 3 sets of 2x2 weave poles, for a total of 6 poles. But once your training has progressed to doing 6 straight poles with speed from all different angles, you can use the set of 6 competition poles (instead of 3 pairs of 2x2s) and then use your 2x2s to continue your progression toward 12 poles. This is a more practical approach than using 6 sets of 2x2s to get to 12 poles because the set of 6 poles stays in position better even if you're not using stakes.

Although you can purchase the 2x2s and the competition weave poles separately on our site, purchasing this "bundled" product allows the store to calculate the shipping based on taping the 2 boxes together as 1 large package instead of 2 separate boxes. That means big savings on shipping since this is a heavy, oversized item.


  • As recommended by Susan, the 2x2 bases have holes in them so that they can be staked to the ground and they have "tails" on the ends so that you can easily line them up. These 2x2 bases made by Max 200 meet all those requirements plus they are built to last. 
  • 2x2 bases can be fastened together with a special connector bracket to create competition pole sets. 
  • Competition weave bole base is hinged so that you can fold it in half for easier transportation and storage. 
  • All bases are made from 3/16" thick  by 3" wide steel.
  • All bases are painted using a powder-coating process.
  • Middle section of each base has a sand coating applied to keep dogs from slipping if they step on the base.
  • Pole spacing is 22" (measured center to center).
  • Poles are made from furniture-grade PVC and are 1.125" in diameter and 40" long.
  • Your choice of tapeless striped poles (the color striping is infused into the PVC during the manufacturing process) or solid color PVC poles. You may choose a second color if you want contrasting poles.

Important Shipping Notes: Weave Poles are shipped directly from the manufacturer in New York. This item cannot be expedited or shipped by other carriers, and it cannot be shipped outside the U.S. Any other items you order will be shipped separately from the Clean Run offices. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. also note that this item is excluded from any storewide free shipping offers.

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Great 2x2 weaves
Excellent 2x2 weave pole set! The bases are solid and well constructed and the poles are nice and sturdy. The stripes on the poles have stayed on nicely through a couple years of use and I haven't seen any other deterioration!
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