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Agility Bible - A Practical Guide for Handlers

Agility Bible - A Practical Guide for Handlers



Author: Bonnie Quick
Format: Paperback, 6-5/8" x 8-1/4"
Length: 192 pages
Release Date: 2020

Agility, the fastest growing dog sport in the world, has never been more competitive.  When a hundredth of a second can decide placements, the skills you teach your dog, and your effectiveness as a handler, are crucial.

In Agility Bible, top international trainer and handler Bonny Quick reveals how to get the best from your dog—from foundation training through to the competition ring. Her success comes from treating every dog as an individual, and her unique insights make for effective and enjoyable learning.

Using a strategy of rewards and reinforcement Bonny gives the lowdown on:

  • Agility-ready (foundation) skills
  • Jump and tunnel skills
  • Weave skills
  • Contact skills
  • Handling
  • Training and competing

With the help of photo sequences and diagrams, Bonny teaches individual skills, then tests and proofs them with tailormade exercises. She then focuses on how to get ready for competition, preparing both you and your dog, for the mental and physical challenges that lie ahead. Illustrated with over 60 diagrams and 80 colour photographs.

About the Author
Bonny Quick grew up in Belgium and was dog mad from the outset, even though her parents stuck to cats! Undeterred, Bonny befriended neighborhood dogs and was working as a dog sitter by the time she left school. From Belgium, Bonny moved to Scotland, graduating in 2005 with a first-class degree from Edinburgh University. While writing her dissertation, she got the chance to own her first dog, a black Labrador. Together they started going to fun agility classes.

Fast forward to the present, and Bonny has competed in agility for more than 14 years, across a range of heights, and with a number of breeds and crossbreeds. She has competed at and achieved podium positions at many major national and international competitions, including Crufts, Olympia, EO, IFCS, WAO, IMCA. Bonny has represented her country abroad nine times and, for the last three years, she has acted as team captain at the European Open.

Bonny has been a full-time agility trainer for more than 10 years, travelling nationally and internationally to give seminars and training days. She also trains online, through social media and via She currently lives in Somerset with her much loved family: partner, Matt, their son Charlie, and their six dogs.


Part I: The Agility Dog

Chapter 1: Your Dog's Mind

Chapter 2: Your Dog's Body

Part II: The Partnership

Chapter 3: Agility-Ready Skills

Chapter 4: Agility Skill Set

Chapter 5: General Agility Skills

Chapter 6: Jump and Tunnel Skills

Chapter 7: Weave Skills

Chapter 8: Contact Skills

Part III: The Agility Handler

Chapter 9: Handling

Chapter 10: Training and Competing

Chapter 11: Yes I Can!


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