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The Slip Over Balance Harness is designed so that it can be adjusted along every axis so that you can fit any size or shape of dog. With six adjustment points, this non-restrictive harness offers a customized fit for comfort and complete freedom of movement, and it provides you with multiple leash attachment options. This harness is so adjustable that you can even adjust the top (colored) strap and the bottom (chest) strap to move the girth strap to exactly where you want it on your dog's rib cage so that it does not push against your dog's armpits.

This is the original version of the Balance Harness. It slips over your dog’s head and then connects around the body. If your dog does not like collars or leads slipped over his head, or he has a larger head than neck, we recommend the Buckle Neck version of the Balance Harness.

The unique design of the Balance Harness offers a number of benefits:

  • Allows you to adjust every strap so that even dogs that have had rubbing and chaffing problems from other harnesses can comfortably wear the Balance Harness.
  • Allows for comfort and total freedom of movement so that your dog can move naturally and properly
  • Allows you to attach a leash to the front chest ring, the back ring, or both rings for complete control of your dog

Made in the USA, the Balance Harness is made with high-quality soft and sturdy webbing; please note that all of the webbing on the harness is black, except for the top strap which comes in different colors.

What size harness does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog: Using a flexible measuring tape, measure from at least 2" behind your dog's elbows all the way around his girth. Select one of the sizes below based on that measurement.

When trying the harness on your dog for the first time, adjust the buckles and lengths of the various straps according to the Balance Harness Fitting Guide. The harness should not block any movement! After adjusting the harness according to the instructions, make sure your dog can fully extend his shoulders (front legs reaching forward) and has normal shoulder abduction (front legs moving out to the side).

Harness Size Webbing Width Girth Measurement
XS 5/8" 13.5" to 18"
SM 5/8" 17.5" to 25.5"
MD 3/4" 21" to 32"
M/L 1" 24" to 35.5"
LG 1" 29" to 43.5"


Check out the See Spot Shine blog for a detailed review of the Balance Harness.

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freedom of movement for developing shoulders
Purchased this harness after getting a lecture from vet that this was best on the market. She printed out picture and explained that the structure of harness was best because of the lack of restriction on the shoulder sockets that is not available on a "no run" harness. After seeing how much improved mobility was with this harness, I am glad she insisted on it. Have a young laboratory retriever who loves to run and is happier with this harness.
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