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Beyond One More Step - 7-Week Course, Premier Registration

Beyond One More Step - 7-Week Course, Premier Registration


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We have started class, but you can join the class while it's in progress and still get to see the earlier lessons.

First Day of Class: August 12, 2019
Class Length: 7 weeks
Enrollment Limit: 12 Premier students

In this 7-week online course, Amanda Nelson and Brenna Fender will take handlers through the basics of distance work, teaching important skills and techniques needed for success. Plus, handlers will learn how to handle three common agility sequences—pinwheels, serpentines, and straight lines—at distances of 15 feet or more. By the end of the class, students will run a short agility course made up of these sequences, using their new distance handling skills.

What is included with your Premier registration?

  • 7 weeks of lectures and video instruction
  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer
  • Ability to post questions about your dog as well as videos of your dog working (Premier students can submit up to 6 minutes of video each week)
  • Ability to participate in discussions and watch all posted videos
  • Instructor feedback on video assignments
  • No expiring content—you can go back any time to read and watch lessons. There is no time limit.


Equipment needed

  • Treats and toys
  • 4 cones
  • 8-10 hoops or jumps (or a combination of both): Students with fewer than the required number of hoops or jumps can substitute other obstacles or do a shortened version of the final course sequence if necessary. You can do most of the exercises without this much equipment, and the instructors will help you modify the exercises as necessary to work with the equipment that you do have.
  • 40 x 40 feet training area is ideal, but many exercises can be done with less. The instructors will modify exercises and sequences for Premier students as much as possible to fit in the available space.

How do I access my Learning Center purchase?

After you complete your purchase using your credit card or PayPal, you will receive 2 email confirmations: the first is a receipt acknowledging that your order has been received and the second email contains the link for your Clean Run Learning Center program. Just click on the link in the email to complete enrollment. If you already have a Learning Center account, then you will go directly to your educational program. If you do not, then you will enter your email address and a password to use for this Learning Center program and any future ones your purchase. Please be aware that this is a separate account you are establishing on and it is not the same as your Clean Run website account (although you can use the same email and password for both accounts). 

If you have a Clean Run website account, then you can also access your program at anytime by signing in at and selecting Classes/Webinars from the My Account menu. 

Refund Policy

We offer a 90% refund for the class if you request a cancellation at least 5 days before the class begins AND the Premier spots have not already sold out. If the Premier spots are sold out, we cannot issue a refund unless we fill your spot.


Brenna Fender is Associate Managing Editor and Special Projects Assistant at Clean Run. She's also a freelance writer and competitive dog trainer. Over the last 20+ years, she's titled dogs in agility, tricks, freestyle, UpDog disc, obedience, rally, conformation, junior hunter, junior courser, and CGC. In the last 5 years, distance work has been her main agility focus. Brenna can be found on the web at

Amanda Nelson is internationally known for her distance skills on regular courses and in super stakes events where her dogs have worked at distances of up to 80 yards! Amanda gives seminars to competitors of all skill levels, teaches online, and is the co-owner of NADAC. There are few people in the agility world better prepared to teach the details of distance training!

Week 1: The Basics

Week 2: How Rewarding!

Week 3: Get Out!

Week 4: Pinwheels

Week 5: Serpentines

Week 6: Straight Line Out!

Week 7: Bonus Lesson: Putting It All Together

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