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Border Collies, Book 1 - Secrets of the Working Mind

Border Collies, Book 1 - Secrets of the Working Mind


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Author: Carol Price
Format: Paperback
Length: 128 pages
Release Date: 2017

The Border Collie is a breed renowned for its intelligence and quick thinking and highly versatile mind, It is a breed capable of excelling in many pursuits and disciplines, but it is also a breed like no other, with an inner psychology that can be complex, challenging, and consistently misunderstood.

For years owners have wondered why a breed that can be so brilliant in some ways can be so troubled in others: they can be prone to controlling, super sensitive, reactive, or phobic; they can display obsessive behaviors; and they often seem to have a less "sociable" brain.

The answers are revealed in a groundbreaking trilogy on the Border Collie by Carol Price, author of the best-selling book Collie Psychology. In Border Collies: A Breed Apart she delves into the true genetic origins—and mental mechanics—of the breed in ways that bring owners totally unprecedented new insights into the behavior of their dogs.

In this first book in the series, Secrets of the Working Mind, she focuses on the breed’s heritage, on the legendary early dogs who shaped the modern Border Collie’s identity and also gave him a mind that is, in many ways, autistic in design. She explores what working instinct really is in Border Collies and how the traits that go with it explain so many other aspects of their psychology and behavior.

If you want to truly understand your Border Collie and raise, train, and manage him in ways that are in tune with his own individual psyche, this series will become your bible. It offers a deep journey of learning into the breed that will change the way you view and relate to your own dog.

About the Author
Carol Price is a canine behaviorist, trainer, journalist and author and world-respected authority on Border Collies, having owned, trained, bred and worked with them for a large part of her life. She is also the official ambassador for The Border Collie Trust GB (the biggest Collie welfare/rescue organization in the UK), behaviour correspondent for Borderlines (the magazine of the Border Collie Society of America), and author of three previous books on the breed, including her last best-seller, Collie Psychology. Before focusing almost exclusively on dogs, and their psychology and behavior, Carol was a feature writer and commissioning editor on The Sunday Times and wrote for many other national newspapers, and magazines, in the UK. She has also been a regular contributor on dog and animal-related subjects for The Times and an advisor/feature writer for both of the UK’s top-selling dog magazines: Dogs Today and Your Dog.

"A series that could change your understanding of Border Collies forever."  —Ben Wilkes, Border Collie Trust of Great Britain

"Carol willingly shares her vast knowledge of Border Collie behavior and psychology and is well-respected worldwide for her insights as to what makes Border Collies tick."  —Cindy Eaton-Eklund, Editor Borderlines, Border Collie Society of America

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