BUNDLE DEAL: Flexiness SensiDonut and Holder

BUNDLE DEAL: Flexiness SensiDonut and Holder


Kit with Petrol Donut Kit with Purple Donut

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Flexiness fitness products were created by a canine physiotherapist and certified canine fitness trainer in Switzerland. The products have been designed specifically for dogs; they are not human products that have been adapted for dogs.

The Flexiness SensiDonut & Donut Holder Bundle includes

Purchased separately, these items would cost $92.98, but we're offering this bundle deal for $75.99, a savings of $16.99. 

Flexiness SensiDonut

The Flexiness SensiDonut is 15" high x 23.62" in diameter (38 x 60cm). It features nubs for neurosensory stimulation on one side and a smooth surface on the other side. Have your dog sit, stand, or lie down on the SensiDonut. Your dog will automatically work to maintain balance, causing the muscles to engage and strengthen. The amount of air affects the stability of the balance prop; the less air, the great the challenge for the dog. 

Flexiness SensiDonut Holder

The Flexiness SensiDonut Holder is an inflatable ring that stabilizes the Flexiness SensiDonut. The ring can also be used by itself for different exercises; for example, as a target for your dog's rear legs when you're teaching side stepping with the dog's front legs elevated. 

Note: The Flexiness SensiDonut and SensiDonut Holder are shipped uninflated. An air pump is required to inflate. 

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