Channel Heeling: A Fun & Easy Way to Teach Heeling for Dog Sports

Devorah Sperber

Self-Study Course

Channel Heeling: A Fun & Easy Way to Teach Heeling for Dog Sports


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Channel heeling is an innovative way to teach enthusiastic, connected heeling. Whether your goal is circle work for agility, flashy freestyle routines, precision figure-eights, or joyful, connected heeling for everyday life, the channel heeling method will teach your dog the physical skills needed to maintain heel position through a variety of tight turns and gentle arcs on the shorter and longer path.

What makes this method different is the use of props to create channels. The channels make the right choice easy and the wrong choices hard. By minimizing errors (forging, lagging, drifting wide, and swinging out), the method allows your dog to practice speed changes and rear leg side stepping while you practice training mechanics and provide your dog with clear feedback.

When you teach a dog to heel using the channel heeling method, you are reinforcing focus and walking on a loose leash so those become happy by-products of the training. 

Channel heeling is to teaching moving heel position what platforms are to teaching stationary positions. And as Ken Ramirez likes to say: Advanced training is the basics done really well. 

This course is appropriate for new trainers, experienced trainers, or anyone who wants to fine tune their dog's heeling or increase the level of joy and enthusiasm their dog brings to heeling. The channel heeling method works equally well with highly trained sports dogs as it does with untrained dogs or behavioral challenged shelter dogs. There are 6 lessons included.

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Equipment needed

  • 2 eight-panel exercise pens or reasonable facsimile
  • 2 traffic cones or similar object
  • Buckle collar and 6-foot long leash
  • Treats

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Devorah (Dev) Sperber is the founder of OCEAN4Dogs, an online community and learning space where Simple Actions, such as Mark Training, Lead to Astonishing Outcomes. OCEAN is an acronym: Observe your Dog, Connect with Compassion, Engagement with Joy, Attitude before Anything, and Never Stop Learning...about your dog and yourself. 

OCEAN is based on the premise: When communication flows freely and equally in both directions, dog-training becomes a shared language between dogs and humans. 

Whether coaching remotely through Ocean4dogs or in-person at Marin Humane in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dev is passionate about teaching people how to fine-tune their "eye" to improve 2-way communication with their dogs, so they can experience happier, more satisfying training experiences, improved performance, and a deeper connection. While many of her students are involved in agility, Devorah's dog training background includes Freestyle solo and brace work and Search and Rescue.

Devorah currently competes in agility at the Masters level with Australian Terrier, Lil and Border Collie, Takoda. Lil’s accomplishments include 12 agility championship titles, two national event wins, and she competed twice in the big distance Stakes Division at NADAC Championships, a rarity for a mini dog. Takoda has earned multiple championship titles in NADAC and USDAA with more on the way.

In addition to being insanely passionate about dogs and dog-training, Dev has had a successful international art career through which she has explored the art and science of SEEING for over 30 years -