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Chill Out Power Tube

Chill Out Power Tube


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The Power Tube is a newly patented technology that allows essential oils to be released into the air without a spray. Just pump the piston and get all the benefits of Aroma Dog's popular Chill Out aromotherapy blend in an ultra-dry ambient air format. No spray—just air! And, because there is no spray, dogs are not intimidated and are unlikely to back off as they sometimes do with a wet spray. So simple yet so effective!

The scent cell inside the Power Tube is made of a patented material which has a unique attraction for scent molecules. It is an exceptional carrier for the values of essential oils while not compromising the chemical components of the essential oils in any way. The Power Tube is long lasting. It should last for months even with moderate daily use (4-5 pumps per day). No refills are needed.

The Power Tube is portable and convenient. It's only 2" long when compressed and 3/4" in diameter. The fob extension on the bottom of the lightweight Power Tube allows you to take your Chill Out anywhere. Atttach it to a key chain, back pack, cell phone, bracelet, lanyard, dog collar, or wear it as a necklace.

So when would you choose the Power Tube over the Chill Out Spray? The Power Tube offers several benefits over the spray. Portability and convenience are key. Also, the pump is quieter and more discrete than a spray, so a dog is less likely to be "spooked." Another key feature is that the pump is focused. It affects only the small area where you spray, so others in the area who may be sensitive to scents are not influenced. A wet spray saturates an area with scent (which you want, in some cases), while the tube's effect is targeted and does not linger. If you want to spread a calming scent to a whole room or kennel, or you want your dog's bedding to absorb scent, the spray is the best choice. If you have your dog under the seat on a plane, for example, and want some instant calming that won't bother your neighbors, the tube is more appropriate.

Chill Out is a powerful and highly effective blend of chamomile, lavender, and sweet marjoram that acts to calm and quiet canine nervousness. The applications for this natural calming spray are endless:

  • Hyperactive dogs that need the edge taken off
  • Travel anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Thunderstorm anxiety
  • Vet visits
  • Sleeplessness or nighttime pacing
  • Destructive nervousness
  • Rescue animals

Note: This product is recommended by many veterinarians. However, it should be used with caution on dogs prone to seizures or asthma attacks.

Packaging: Power tube air diffuser. To use, turn counterclockwise and line up the dots until the piston pops up. Pump several times 4-6" away from the dog's nose. Push piston down and turn clockwise to close.

Ingredients: Roman chamomile, lavender, marjoram, and other essential oils.

"I transport dogs betweem shelters. I have as many as 15 dogs in my car at one time. Dogs that are anxious, sad, scared, confused, and BARKING. Now after I load the car with the cages, I put a blanket in each cage that has been sprayed with Chill Out. I can say positively that it has made a big difference. The dogs are calm and content and usually end up sleeping in my vehicle. I have had a lot of other transporters tell me that they can't believe how calm my dogs are when they get them from my van to their vehicle. I just did a large run and there were 7 puppies fighting and barking very loudly and upsetting the other dogs. Once they settled down and laid on their blanket, they all went to sleep. It was great. I won't do any transporting without it anymore."


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