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Clean Run Special Focus Issue: Motivation, Drive, and Self-Control

Clean Run Special Focus Issue: Motivation, Drive, and Self-Control



Format: Magazine
Length: 100 pages
Release Date: 2007

This special collector's issue of Clean Run magazine is all about motivation, drive, and self-control: Susan Garrett explains how to transfer the value of your dog's favorite reinforcements to his agility performance, Deborah Jones discusses creating the perfect balance of motivation and control, Wendy Pape shows you how to get your dog to play with you without toys or food, Pam Reid discusses the science behind motivation and drive, Rachel Sanders helps you become aware of important motivation dos and don'ts, Leslie Renaud shares her method for training dogs to work happily through "mistakes," Judy Keller talks about how to gain focus and control without losing speed or drive, Tracy Sklenar explains how to train your dog to choose the correct behavior even in stimulating situations, Ann Braue discusses how speed is a skill that can be taught like any other skill, Sherry Kluever looks at start-line techniques for achieving maximum speed and focus, Jo Sermon demonstrates how to motivate dogs by driving him from behind, Angelica Steinker shares fun and useful games for developing attention, motivation, and self-control, Brenna Fender looks at whether a dog's breed may play a part in what he finds motivating, and much much more!

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"Just want to let you know how much I love this issue! My Trudy is a soft dog who hates to make a mistake, hates do-overs, and shuts down rather than misunderstand my instructions. Leslie Renaud's article, 1Learning to Fail: Conditioning Your Dog to Happily Work Through Mistakes,' is a great help, as are the other articles in this special issue. Thanks for adding all these ideas to our training toolbox!  —Carol, Trudy & Skye

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