Control Unleashed® Core Concepts

Control Unleashed® Core Concepts

Instructor: Leslie McDevitt & 8 Other Speakers
Course Type: On-Demand Conference Presentations

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This special package of presentations from Conference Unleashed 2020 includes seven presentations that cover critical concepts in the Control Unleashed program.

  • Leslie McDevitt explains how she has refined and evolved the Look At That game since she wrote about it in her original book. She addresses frequently asked questions and provides a new, fun way to teach the game within a broader context of station training. Presentation: 48min., Q&A: 60min.
  • Eva Bertilsson, Emelie Johnson-Vegh, and Peggy Hogan provide a deeper insight into what start button behaviors are all about. They share their viewpoints on the subject and help you develop procedures that maximize the value of this fascinating communication tool. Presentation: 64min., Q&A: 59min.
  • Sarah Owings dives into the subject of impulse control. It's still common to see people teaching for what they call impulse control via trial and error. Is it possible to teach dogs to be safe and reliable using positive reinforcement and errorless progressions, instead of negative punishment and extinction? Can we truly teach Leave It without tears? Presentation: 67min., Q&A: 36min.
  • Dr. Laura Donaldson, PhD explores how CU helps dogs learn enhanced decision-making skills and how CU teaches dogs what she describes as decision rules for optimism. While this concept does not appear in any of the CU books, it insightfully captures not only the crux of what dogs learn when they go through a CU program, but also how the program actually transforms canine behavior. Presentation: 67min., Q&A: 51min.
  • Leslie McDevitt provides the essential introduction to the why and how of her Pattern Games, which are described in her latest book, Control Unleashed 3: Reactive to Relaxed. Whether you're new to the awesome power of the CU Pattern Games or it's time for a refresher, this is vital CU training information. Presentation: 66min., Q&A: 43min.
  • Julie Daniels reviews the four steps of CU mat work and then shows creative ways to use it! Taught the CU way, mats and stations have a magical ability to impart feelings of safety, confidence, and optimism about the environment. Presentation: 57min., Q&A: 45min.
  • Hannah Branigan demonstrates how the power of patterns is not just for the dogs! She explores how to set up a pattern that will help the human part of the team be as clear and reliable as possible. Set up a training session so that your behavior cues your learner’s behavior effortlessly and without pressure. Presentation: 43 min., Q&A: 58min.
  • BONUS! We've are also including a recording of the Q&A panel discussion that featured Leslie and many of the Conference Unleashed instructors. 92min.

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