Control Unleashed® - Practical Ideas for Managing Arousal or Reactivity around Agility

Control Unleashed® - Practical Ideas for Managing Arousal or Reactivity around Agility

Instructor: Julie Daniels
Course Type: On-Demand Conference Presentation

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Does your dog stress UP in agility? Maybe your dog wants all of the turns. Maybe they don’t like waiting in line with other dogs. Some dogs want to run with the other dogs, and some want the other dogs to go home.

Julie Daniels' Agility ICU presentation from Conference Unleashed 2021 is full of practical ideas for managing your dog’s arousal or reactivity around the excitement of agility. Julie will help you use the most versatile Control Unleashed pattern games in the context of agility. From training to competition, she'll help you get your agility dog out of the Agility ICU and back into the game.

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Julie Daniels

Julie Daniels won her first award for writing in the fourth grade, and she was training dogs long before that. She learned to walk by holding on to the family's German Shepherd. She currently owns two Border Collies and also gets to live and work with an Australian Koolie, a Staffy mix, and a senior Beagle mix.

Julie lives in Deerfield, NH, where she owns Kool Kids Agility and teaches CU classes. She is also certified in TAGteach methodology. For 28 years, she ran dog training camps at her world-renowned White Mountain Agility camp. Some of the theme camps she developed there were Wild Child, Speed-Em-Up, Novice Genius, Jumping Genius, and the WMA Instructor Certification Course, which honed the skills of hundreds of teachers and thousands of dogs worldwide.

Julie has competed and won with many different dogs, including two Rottweilers, a Springer Spaniel, a Cairn Terrier, two Corgis, and five Border Collies. She is the only person to make USDAA Grand Prix finals with a Rottie or a Springer, and she did it two times each. She is also a two-time national agility champion and a two-time international champion. She was the expert voice of Cynosport agility for many years, doing livestream video commentary at international events seen worldwide.

She is the author of four agility books and three DVDs. She teaches popular online classes, including Baby Genius, Empowerment, Cookie Jar Games, Crazy Good, Shaping Games, Magic Mats, and Control Unleashed games.