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Coolaid Canine Icing and Cooling Wraps

Coolaid Canine Icing and Cooling Wraps


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CoolAid Animal and Recovery has teamed with Coolcore, a material innovator and the world leader in proprietary thermo-regulating fabrics. Coolcore fabric formulations have earned the prestigious "Innovative Technology" recognition from the Hohenstein Institute, a first for a U.S. company—and they are the only company in the world to be awarded this recognition for "Cooling Power." The patented Coolcore fabrics provide a cooling solution that does not rely on chemicals (such as xylitol), phase-change technologies, polymer crystal treatments or other additives. Since Coolcore is chemical-free, the cooling performance never washes out or degrades over time. 

Trauma to ligaments, tendons, and muscles is becoming more common in our animal athletes. Regardless if the injury is old or new, icing and cooling therapies are major components in promoting healing and benefiting chronic conditions. Coolaid Canine Icing and Cooling Wraps have many uses, whether using as a cooling collar, icing swollen or arthritic joints, or using to help heal post-operative procedures.  

Simply wet the wrap, wring it out, and shake it. Since CoolAid uses evaporative cooling technology, remove the wrap after 10 minutes, re-wet it, shake, and reapply. 

Wraps can be placed in the freezer for ultimate cooling; after wetting, place the wrap in the freezer for up to 30 minutes.

Note: Always apply a protective layer between the wrap and application area, especially if the area has been shaved.

  • Award-winning chemical-free cooling technology
  • Up to 30% cooler than surface temperature
  • Regulated evaporation for a consistent cooling effect
  • Cooling effect lasts the lifetime of the product
  • Any temperature of water will start the cooling process
  • 100% machine washable

Available in 3 sizes.

Size Measurements
Small 2" x 14"
Medium 2.5" x 16"
Large 3" x 24"


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