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CRIC - Starting Off Right

CRIC - Starting Off Right



Subtitle: Foundation/Beginner Agility Classes
Author: Carolyn Barney
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour, 18 minutes
Release Date: 2008

This DVD is a live recording of a presentation done at the 2007 Clean Run Instructor Conference.

Putting the cart before the horse can be a huge mistake in agility training. But many students come to a foundation/beginner agility class with untrained dogs and want to do agility obstacles right away. Instructors can cave in to this pressure and beginner agility classes often skip or gloss over the foundation exercises that build essential skills for success and avoid problems down the road. Other students start out doing agility for fun and then have to retrain their dogs once they get bitten by the bug. A good foundation/beginner class can accommodate puppies through adult dogs and casual agility trainers through competitors, but it takes planning and forethought. Carolyn will share how she gets her students started with good habits and foundation skills in a classroom setting.

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