Custom Julius K9 Harness Labels - Blaze Orange

Custom Julius K9 Harness Labels - Blaze Orange


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Our custom harness labels/patches allow you to personalize your dog’s Julius-K9 harness. These labels have Velcro on the back so that they can be attached to the sides of your Julius-K9 harness, replacing the JULIUS-K9 labels that come free with your Julius-K9 harness. These are original custom labels from the manufacturer, so the quality and materials are exactly like the labels that come with the harness.

IDC Harness
Power Harness
3-in-1 Swimming
Side Bags
Small Baby 1, Baby 2
Mini Mini, Mini, 0
Baby 2, Mini Mini
Mini, 0 
All sizes All sizes
Large 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3    

Packaging: Please note that custom harness labels are sold individually, NOT in pairs.

Your Custom Text:

  • Please type the text exactly as you want it to appear on your label. If you want the words in all capital letters, type them in CAPITAL letters. If you want the words in upper- and lowercase, type them in Upper and Lowercase letters.
  • Your text will be on 1 line.
  • You can use a maximum of 24 characters on a Large label (including spaces) and 20 characters on a Small label. Keep in mind that the more characters you use, the smaller the text will be on the label.
  • Available characters are letters, numbers, spaces, and ! # & - " ? / ' . , @ ( ) +

Returns: Custom labels cannot be returned unless we have made an error or the label is defective.

 Important Shipping Note: Custom Julius-K9 Harness Labels are made to order by Julius K-9 and then shipped directly to Clean Run for us to send to you, so please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery. Any other items you order from our store will be shipped immediately.

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