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Developing a Problem Solving Puppy DVD

Developing a Problem Solving Puppy DVD



Author: Ann Braue
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 3 hours, 23 minutes
Release date: Fall 2016

The footage in this DVD comes from seminars that Leerburg Enterprises filmed at Ann Braue’s training center in Wisconsin. Ann has been holding these puppy seminars for over 10 years to help trainers develop a thoughtful, problem solving puppy. The material includes how to

  • Reward puppies using both food rewards and toy rewards, including demonstrations of the importance of reward placement and timing as well as when to lure and when to shape.
  • How to improve your clicker skills.
  • Training simultaneously with food and a toy, and be able to switch between these types of rewards.
  • Teach puppies that work can be play, and play is work.
  • Introduce your rules and expectations for puppies.
  • Motivate puppies that don't want to play.
  • Build drive and passion for training while teaching impulse control.
  • Combine crate games with impulse and problem solve crate games training.
  • Do restrain recalls and switch from a lure to rewarding the chase.
  • Develop quick responses to your verbal cues by teaching you puppy to listen when you talk.
  • Develop a speedy hand touch and then use that cue in many different ways, including to refocus your dog away from a distraction or solve a problem
  • Problem solve many common puppy training challenges.

In her seminars, Anne also sets up stations that the puppies go through to work on environmental skills. Each of these stations is included in the DVD so you can see various students and puppies working. The stations include: 4 feet in a box, wobble board, the cone, the ladder, the hoop, travel plank and FitPAWS doughnut, 1 large 3 small, the plank, the table, K9FITbones and FitPAWS pods, jump, back up.

In her own words, "When I bring a puppy home I recognize that my puppy is learning 24/7! I take bringing a puppy into my home extremely seriously. I recognize that the relationship and skills I build are going to impact the entire career of my dog. During the first couple of years I work hard to make certain my pup sees me as the most fun, most interesting part of his life. Therefore, I control virtually every minute of every day with my pup. This takes effort and planning on my part. Building a great relationship with your pup does not 'just happen.'"

About the Author

Ann Braue is a professional dog trainer, an international agility competitor, and an international agility coach. Before that, she was a school teacher who understands, more than most, how to break an exercise down and then explain why she did it the way she did to her students. As an instructor, Ann has set the bar with a resume of competing internationally six times with dogs she raised and trained from puppies. She has competed as a team member of the AKC FCI Agility World Championship, as well as being the USA representative at Crufts in England. In addition, Ann has been the coach of the US World Agility team four times. She takes her commitment to training her dogs and her students very seriously.

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