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Dial Up the Distance 2-DVD Set

Dial Up the Distance 2-DVD Set



Subtitle: How to Train Distance and Use It on Course
Author: Kristy Netzer
Format: DVD, 2 discs, NTSC format
Running Time: 2 hours, 8 minutes
Bonus Materials: 63-page training booklet in PDF format
Release Date: 2010

It's no secret that today's agility courses are far tougher and running times are tighter than ever before. Every handler who sets foot in the ring needs solid distance skills in their tool box, but it's especially crucial when your dog is faster than you. Dial Up the Distance is a comprehensive two-disc program that uses a clear, step-by-step approach to help handlers build these all-important distance skills with their dogs. Kristy Netzer owns and operates two highly respected agility schools (California and Tennessee), and has taught hundreds of students how to incorporate extraordinary distance skills into their handling systems so their dogs can work confidently and accurately away from them.

You'll start with fundamental distance ground work and teaching your dog "Go," "Out," "Here," as well as "Left" and "Right" directionals. Then you'll progress to more difficult skills such as training and handling obstacle discrimination and pinwheels at a distance. You'll learn how to use long lead-outs and effective layering skills to give yourself every advantage possible. And, you'll learn how to direct your dog's path through a variety of sequences, using body cues and directional commands. There is even a special section on course analysis that reviews actual competition courses and leads you through the steps for planning handling strategies using your distance skills.

Dial Up the Distance is appropriate for handlers at every level of agility whose dogs have basic independent obstacle performance skills. It is especially beneficial for handlers who consider themselves "speed challenged."

About the Author
At the age of 13, Kristy Netzer discovered her love of dogs. She began working as a groomer's assistant and then made a fateful deal with her parents. If she would earn enough money, she could purchase her own dog. At $2.50 an hour, it was a daunting task. But low and behold, Kristy met her goal. She and her Golden Retriever, Calypso, hit the dog obedience circuit. After receiving her CDX, Kristy attended the first ever USDAA agility seminar in Southern California. The teamwork, competition, and fun attracted her to this wonderful new sport in 1989. In 1993, Kristy was a founding member of the first ever, officially sanctioned, USDAA club in Southern California, West Valley DogSports. In 1996, WVDS asked Kristy to teach agility classes. She realized the second best thing to running your dog in agility was teaching dog agility. After encouragement from some very good agility friends, Kristy hosted her own agility seminar. The seminar was so successful, that she began her own training school, Happy Dog Agility. Kristy has earned the USDAA ADCH title on three dogs, Zippity, Jubilee and Dabbie, and has achieved numerous other agility accomplishments.

The Dial Up the Distance DVD contains the following chapters:

  • Before You Begin

Five Key Elements for Distance Training
Using Pressure
using & Delivering Rewards
About Directionals

  • Directionals: Teaching "Go"
  • Directionals: Teaching "Out"
  • Directionals: Teaching "Here"
  • Directionals: Teaching Redirects ("Left" & "Right" or "Switch")
  • Putting Directionals Together: Ultimate Challenge Exercise
  • Teaching & Handling Obstacle Discrimination
  • Teaching & Handling Pinwheels
  • Using Lead-outs
  • Course Analysis
  • Conclusion

"I just got my DVD and am blown away by the amount of information presented, clearly, progressively, and in such a user-friendly manner. These DVDs are such a rich resource. The clear explanations, course maps, and demonstrations by Master Teacher, Ms. Netzer, as well as on course demonstrations by several other handlers, are invaluable! She even shows mistakes and how to correct them, which is an added bonus. The program is laid out in a logical, sequential format. You can also pick and choose a subject—each section is very clear. I've just begun the second disc (which has the PDF file for the exercises) and I'm simply blown away. For the price of one lesson, you get this entire series of brilliant exercises in Kristy's special way. Thank you and congratulations Kristy!"  —Diann, California

"The new Kristy Netzer video Dial up the Distance is the best I have seen. Kristy herself is not athletically built and she is a wonderful instructor on the video. I have never met her, but I recently got the video and what a lovely surprise to see a very skilled, but non-athletic handler with a very fast dog! With my bad knees, it's just what I needed! She is inspiring and very, very talented."  —Char, Virginia

"I have REALLY been wanting to work on distance and independent obstacle execution. I saw your ad for the Dial Up the Distance DVD in this issue of Clean Run and said where do I sign up! I'm not getting any younger; my current young hopeful dog is extremely fast and I can't keep up with her.I'm only partway through the first DVD in the set, but I just LOVE this stuff! This is a TERRIFIC DVD set! I've had all my dogs out working the exercises and they just eat it up. They catch on quickly and I understand the concepts; they are presented so clearly. The dogs love the work too! Hats off! It's well taught and fabulous material!"  —Dean, South Carolina

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