Doggie-Zen Bungee Sheepskin Tube Tug

Doggie-Zen Bungee Sheepskin Tube Tug


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Doggie-Zen is a family business established in 2008 in Sweden by two sisters, Sara and Hanna. They began as dog training instructors, specializing in training reactive dogs. Having good rewards has always been important in their work, so they started to manufacture their own toys so they would have exactly what they wanted.

The Doggie-Zen Bungee Sheepskin Tube Tug features a stuffed "tube" (just like our Dynamite Sticks) and enticing sheepskin at both ends. The bungee handle makes the tugging both fun and comfortable for you and your dog. 

The total length of this tug toy is approximately 23". The tubular section is 5.5" and the organically tanned fluffy Swedish sheepskin sections are 1.75" x 2". 

Assorted color combinations; please allow us to choose for you.

Note: Please note that Doggie-Zen toys are designed for active play between dog and handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move the toy out of your dog’s reach.

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