DogLemi Snuffle Lobster

DogLemi Snuffle Lobster


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The DogLemi Snuffle Lobster is a plush toy that has multiple places where you can stuff treats. There is a main Velcro food pouch in the lobster's belly, treat-hiding slots on its back, and a treat hiding pocket on each claw. Use this interactive training tool for self-control games or a a fun jackpot reward during training.

The main body of the Snuffle Lobster is 9.5" long and the widest part of the body is 3.5". Besides the food pouch, the lobster's body also contains 2 squeakers.

Note: Interactive food toys should only be used in supervised play and training. To ensure that your dog doesn't chew or eat the toy, it should never be left unattended with the dog. 

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