Double Handle Braided Plush Tug

Double Handle Braided Plush Tug


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The Double Handle Braided Plush Tug gives you the flexibility of one-handed or two-handed tugging, or you can use it as a toy handle or extender. Simply thread one handle partway through a toy (a ring, a Hol-ee Roller Ball, or anything else the material can be pulled through) to make a loop, and then thread the other handle through the loop and pull it tight.

Made from 1-1/8" wide strips of faux fur that are stitched together and then braided, the total length of the toy from the end of one handle to the end of the other handle is approximately 30". The braided bite area of the tug is 13" long.

This braided tug is soft on your hands and soft on your dog's mouth without having as much stretch as braided fleece toys have.

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